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Crest Counselling

Talking therapy, also called counselling, can help everyone in all sorts of different situations.
Crest Counselling offers individual and couples counselling in the village of Skellingthorpe, close to Lincoln. Take your time to browse this website to see how Crest Counselling can help you.


Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling, Grief and Loss, Depression, Anger Management


Caroline Brown

I am Caroline Brown, a qualified counsellor working in Skellingthorpe, Lincoln. I provide one-to-one counselling and relationship therapy - or Couples Counselling – which means both you and your partner attend together.

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Individual counselling gives you a private and safe place to be yourself and to say what you think without judgement or criticism. Feelings like anger and sadness can be talked about openly.


Having counselling with your partner holds the potential for growth and positive change in your relationship. It can help you understand each other in new ways, it can help you relate better to your partner. 


Most of us will experience losses throughout life. This can be following the death of a loved one, a job loss, relocation, a relationship ending and children leaving home, to name just a few. Some losses can be so overwhelming they take up our thoughts, deprive us sleep, even make day to day functioning impossible.


Symptoms of depression can affect many aspects of everyday life. The more severe the depression, the harder it is to do even the routine things you used to do. Counselling can be as helpful as taking anti-depressant medication and some people have found it more so.


Anger is a natural response to feeling threatened. Anger can motivate change and help us defend ourselves. But it can become a problem when it threatens your own safety or those around you. The aim of anger management therapy is to reduce the uncomfortable feelings anger creates and so help you overcome the impulse to shout or lash out.


"Caroline helped me through a difficult, stressful few months after moving to Lincoln. She was very understanding and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with stress and depression or any other emotional problems."

– Chris, Lincoln

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